Wayne Clayton

Wayne has always had an enquiring mind. It wants to know how things work. So at a tender age he began taking things apart to figure them out. However, the grass still had to get cut, so things also had to get put back together. And he has never looked back. He enjoys a mechanical challenge, and the bicycle industry keeps innovating to keep the grey cells active!

He has been in the local bicycle industry since 1982. Like many mechanically adept people, Wayne has a strong artistic side to balance out the logical side. You may have seen some of his work on past t-shirts and posters from races we have hosted, or on advertisements on posters and local papers. He is also an excellent trail builder; many of the local trails have the Wayne’s World stamp on them. When not working on bikes, riding them, or making a better place to ride them in, you’ll find him out walking the dogs, or woodworking, drawing, or cheering on the Canucks.

Pam FitzGibbon

At the shop since 1989 Pam does everything except mechanical work (as the shop is full of great mechanics), she keeps the business humming.

Pam is responsible for the excellent selection of clothing; coming from a racing and commuting background she realized early on the importance of proper cycling wear and saw a need for better selection in Victoria.

Apart from riding, currently road, commute, and ‘cross, Pam is fond of disappearing into the back-country with her good friends and a back-pack. With family spread around the world, her love of travel is easier to accommodate.

When not working, Pam enjoys gardening and is a marvelous cook, although she is just as likely to be found hiking with the dogs. Pam has worked hard over the years in the community to support cycling related initiatives and continues to work diligently to give our customers the best service possible.

Dan Owen

Handsome Dan grew up in Victoria enjoying the rural life. Since starting with us in 2010, Dan has explored all types of bikes. Starting with riding downhill bikes, he has now become a XC, cyclocross and road racer as well.

A very polite young man, Dan’s patience and eagerness to help make him a pleasure for customers to deal with. Dan hopes to enjoy a permanent career in the bike industry and, with his talents and commitment to service, his success is guaranteed.

Dan’s unique sense of humor always brings a bit of fun to the day.

Justin Bailey

A graduate of the advanced program at the United Bicycle Institute Justin grew up in Cumberland and has lived in Victoria since 2003. He started with us early in 2011. His quiet exterior holds a quality mechanic, and an inner drive to accumulate any and all knowledge about bicycles past and present. If you need to know ask Justin, if he can’t answer immediately he will be able to shortly. We all rely on his extensive knowledge.

Justin plays soccer in the Vancouver Island Soccer league, is a commuter, a cyclocross, mountain bike and road racer, and is intrigued by anything bicycle, especially anything odd or unusual. Justin is driven to succeed in the bike industry. He is quietly helpful and strives to offer the best possible service and advice.

Kristjan Joubert

Kristjan has been with us for nearly two year now and will be staying through the summer, he might be hooked! He loves to share his experiences in cycling, and is always up for an adventure.

Kristjan grew up in Quebec, and came to Victoria to participate in the Canadian Rowing program. Kristjan has taken a leave from racing boats, and now spends his time on two wheels. Look for him commuting daily to school or the shop, and racing all over the island.

Fuligin Woodman (Woody)

The newest member of the staff is a newly arrived German Shepherd puppy whose only duties thus far are to be incredibly cute (handsome also works) and to harass Tsuni. In time, our Chief Mastication Officer will share greeting duties with an aging Tsuni.

Visit our Facebook page to watch Woody grow up.


For Tsuni’s many friends; our greeter passed after a long happy life in 2012. We all miss her smile, but her spirit lives on.