Steel Is Real

Dan Owen

We've all heard that line too many times... so I'll rephrase; GOOD steel, along with careful craftsmanship, is real. Co-Motion is real.

I have had many bikes in the last 15 years, but none have brought me the joy that my Co-Motion Nor'Wester has. It's not quite as light, or as fast as my carbon road bike. It does't rail the corners quite like my carbon road bike. So why do I like it more? Well, it excels at comfort, and more importantly, FUN! Comfort is the no-brainer as the steel naturally absorbs vibrations. There are many brands offering carbon bikes with specific tube shapes and carbon layups to offer more vertical compliance. The problem that plagues most, if not all of them, is you still feel all of the smaller road vibrations. The Reynolds 853 steel that is the bones of my Nor'Wester's frame, tames these vibrations considerably without feeling bouncy or overly soft. The trade-off is a bit of lateral stiffness of course, but it's a price I'm happy to pay for comfort on a long ride.

GOOD steel, along with careful craftsmanship, is real.

FUN. That's a bit harder to measure... that is, objectively. Fun is however, the main reason for me falling in love with this bike – that is, aside from that beautiful metallic blue paint job. It is pretty light for a steel frame and plenty stiff, too. That's enough motivation to get me hammering the hills until I'm dizzy. Despite this, the bikes smooth ride and relaxed personality encourages me to ease off the power a touch... just enough to not push out of the fun zone (you know, where you're seeing funny colours and your heart rate is at a gazillion bpm). I find myself going on solo rides for hours without getting that impatient desire to get home once I feel the fatigue setting in - a feeling I suffer from on road rides all too often. On race day, I will reach for my lightest and fastest bike, but for a long time now my bike of choice on “for fun” rides is my Co-Motion Nor'Wester.